Current Work

Just Like Real Life

A vivid and violent new work by Emma Attwood and Nick Finegan fusing live performance and virtual reality.

In a strange and desolate desert, an opportunistic cowboy sets up shop as a virtual reality salesmen – offering you your deepest desires on a 30 day free trial. Just Like Real Life follows the story of a lonely city dweller who signs up to make her dreams a reality. She discovers a world where anything is possible – as long as she can keep up with the subscription fees.

By Emma Attwood and Nick Finegan

Sound design Rhodri Karim

VR Jack Churchill

Set design Sadie Haque

Associate producer Giulia Casalini

Photography Zbigniew Kotkiewicz

Commissioned by Camden People’s Theatre for Sprint in March 2018.

Performed at Latitude Festival, Cabaret Stage in July 2018.