Emma is a director, performer, and writer. She makes cross-disciplinary work that explores the intersections between live and video performance. Emma is artistic director of Recursion Co and also co-curates cross-arts exhibitions in London, New York, and Berlin with Yates Norton. She is a graduate of the University of Cambridge and an associate artist with fanSHEN.

Current Work

Just Like Real Life

A vivid and violent new work by Emma Attwood and Nick Finegan fusing live performance and virtual reality.

In a strange and desolate desert, an opportunistic cowboy sets up shop as a virtual reality salesmen – offering you your deepest desires on a 30 day free trial. Just Like Real Life follows the story of a lonely city dweller who signs up to make her dreams a reality. She discovers a world where anything is possible – as long as she can keep up with the subscription fees.

By Emma Attwood and Nick Finegan

Sound design Rhodri Karim

VR Jack Churchill

Set design Sadie Haque

Associate producer Giulia Casalini

Photography Zbigniew Kotkiewicz

Commissioned by Camden People’s Theatre for Sprint in March 2018.

Performed at Latitude Festival, Cabaret Stage in July 2018.


Other Work

The Lady and the Unicorn

Based on a series of 15th century tapestries, The Lady and the Unicorn is a performance about desire, memory and autobiography.

A show that unpicks the patriarchal symbolism in the tapestries and reclaims an alternative history of the Lady’s life. Drawing on the colours and textures of the tapestries and featuring animation and video projection, The Lady and the Unicorn playfully re-imagines the identities and relationships of a life lost to history.

Commissioned as part of The Yard Theatre’s First Drafts programme in July 2017.


Director/writer Emma Attwood

Cast Deli Segal, Nick Finegan, Temi Wilkey

Set design Naomi Kuyck-Cohen, with Cécile Trémolières

Lighting Dan Saggars

Sound Rhodri Karim

Animation John O’Connor

Costume Phoebe Chan and Emma Lyth at the London College of Fashion

Associate Producer Lucie Regan

Photographs and film Illya Latifi and Ray Malone

With captioning by The Difference Engine



Other Work


A live + video performance retelling the myth of Echo and Narcissus through internet obsessions, online personas, and late night longing.

An internet dream myth of celebrity interviews, Instagram obsessions and tab after tab after tab — a place where desire and obsession and longing and loneliness are all just a click click away.

Commissioned as part of The Yard Theatre’s NOW 16 programme in May 2016, Ovalhouse’s FiRST BiTE programme and Ugly Duck’s Takeover programme in July 2016.

By Emma Attwood and Nick Finegan

Lighting Dan Saggars

Sound Rhodri Karim

Photographs Caleb Wissun-Bhide

With captioning by Stagetext.